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Maritime Regiment


Area of Operations  State Wide
Regimental Role  Maritime Affairs
Commanding Officer  BGen (MC) Brian Smallwood 
Deputy Commander  CAPT Joe Cave
Chief of Staff:    CAPT Kenneth Rigoulot
Senior Enlisted  Master Chief (MCPO) Gary Parker
Recruiting Officer  LTJG Frank Hooton, Email:   830-446-6432
Recruiting Chief:    Chief David Ocasio, Email:    512-568-9889
Public Affairs Officer  LCDR Dale Laine,    Email:       512-922-4430



The Texas Maritime Regiment (TMAR) is one of four major components of the Texas State Guard (TXSG) which include the Army Component, the Air Division,  and the Texas Medical Brigade.  The newest of the TXSG regiments, TMAR, was formed in 2006. With more than 200 members, TMAR provides mission-ready  volunteer military forces – with a unique maritime focus – for operations in support of homeland security, natural disasters and state agencies.

The Maritime Regiment specifically embraces the unique structure and traditions of America’s Naval and Marine forces in preparing troops to carry out  duties related to Texas’ land, marine, littoral and riverine environments. In the interest of creating the most effective response team, TMAR has forged working relationships with various groups such as the U.S. Coast Guard, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Forest Service, and the Lower Colorado River Authority.  The Regiment‘s members are true volunteers who willingly accept military discipline, orders and training to answer the call to meet urgent human needs  in times of peril or crisis. TMAR’s unique scope of missions include operations along the State’s hundreds of miles of coastline, its lakes and shorelines, and the rivers which define Texas’s borders – from the northernmost canyons of Texas’s Panhandle to the Gulf of Mexico.






Texas Maritime Regiment 2BN Dive Teams Step up Mission Readiness
LT Dale Laine, TMAR Public Affairs Officer
PO1 John Arnn and GySgt Clayton Cormack are adjusting SCPO Gary Wilson’s equipment.Photo by ENS Frank S. Hooton

PO1 John Arnn and GySgt Clayton Cormack are adjusting SCPO Gary Wilson’s equipment.Photo by ENS Frank S. HootonFive members of the Texas Maritime Regiment (TMAR) 2nd Battalion’s Dive, Rescue and Recovery (DR&R) teams achieved diver second class status by completing the requisite dive training evolutions as well as attaining the advanced open water civilian certification.

The stepped up recognition means two new elite teams have made a giant step towards fulfilling one of TMAR’s primary missions - supporting Texas Parks and Wildlife officers on state lakes and rivers.

Additionally, the DR&R teams will now be ready to respond during emergencies such as flooding that affects local communities and traps residents, or during search and recovery operations for missing boaters and swimmers.

Members of the teams must achieve a minimum of third class diver to be eligible to join, and then and then commit to train towards first class designation.

Applications for the teams are being accepted from qualified members of the Texas State Guard. If you think you have what it takes to make the teams, please contact the Maritime Regiment for full details and qualifications needed.